Circuit Breaker - Equipping Churches for Real D.V. Prevention
Domestic Violence
Be the solution
Domestic violence destroys families, tears communities apart, causes profound life-long trauma, and costs the life of at least one Australian woman every week. Despite millions of dollars of funding each year, the majority of community responses amount to moving the problem around, as abusers go from one terrorising relationship to the next.

This national epidemic won't get better by magic, but only when we address the real cause of domestic violence - The abusers.

If change was going to come through shame campaigns or talk-fests, it would have done so by now. Real change will only come about when we engage abusers respectfully with the tools they need to transform their lives and relationships. 

You may not realise that Australia's DV epidemic is so out of control that it cannot now be left to a handful of domestic violence experts. It's critically important for churches to step up and take leadership in the area of early prevention. It may surprise you to hear that, but here's why churches are best positioned to bring this kind of change: 

  • Redemption is our core value. We understand that people can and do change.
  • We know how to love people and hate their behaviours - not just decide they are monsters.
  • We already have the supportive communities which long-term change will require.

Circuit Breaker is a ten week group-based course which has been developed over 15 years of clinical practice and group therapy with abusers. It is designed for delivery by non-experts, with plain English work manuals and an engaging video package. Best of all, abusers continue to report that this course actually scratches where they are itching, and delivers new tools which really work for them.

"I got more out of the first 30 mins of Circuit Breaker than out of the ten offender programs I had to do in jail."

(John - a former prisoner of 13 years)
Is your church ready to be the solution?

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