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Circuit Breaker Facilitators

Course Manuals & Video Package

If you're trained and licensed to deliver the Circuit Breaker program, you'll need a Circuit Breaker Facilitator manual for yourself, and one for your co-facilitator (available on ourBooks and Courses page). It contains detailed Facilitator Notes, including Session Goals, how to conduct Group Feedback, tips on Using the Notes, and even Concluding the Session. The Facilitator Manual is a must for anyone delivering the program, and both facilitators (in each small group) will require their own copy. The manual is designed to set you up for success, and contains detailed policies, procedures and instructions for delivery.

Video Links

Links for all of the ten video sessions are provided below. You can view or download session one and two without a password, but the remainder of the sessions will require you to enter the first two words of that session's Session Goals, found in the Facilitator Manual (eg. Session One's password would be "To create"). This is to ensure that sessions are delivered by facilitators in a Circuit Breaker group, and not in isolation. Please scroll down to see directions on how to facilitate your group using the videos.

Session One - "Discretion and Your Anger" (Running Time - 40:44)

Session Two - "Reading the Stop Signs" (Running Time - 34:04)

Session Three - "Making Them Listen" (Running Time - 32:08)

Session Four - "Intimacy and Emotions" (Running Time - 30:52)

Session Five - "Letting Go" (Running Time - 44:18)

Session Six - "Opening Your Mind" (Running Time - 31:38)

Session Seven - "The New Listening" (Running Time - 35:41)

Session Eight - "A Time to Talk" (Running Time - 37:46)

Session Nine - "Overcoming Jealousy" (Running Time - 28:28)

Session Ten - "The New You" (Running Time - 33:45)

Agreements, Policies & Procedures

As a licensed provider of the Circuit Breaker program, you have agreed to understand and accept the policies and procedures for the delivery of the program. You will find an additional copy of these policies and procedures in the Circuit Breaker Facilitator's Manual and a downloadable copy below for your reference. Also included below is a sample group agreement (explained in your Facilitator Manual), which you may download and adopt for your group.

Online Groups 

Circuit Breaker groups may be delivered online by licensed providers under strict conditions. Please carefully read the guidelines for mitigating additional risks which are introduced when groups are taken online. Your online delivery of this program constitutes your agreement to adhere to these guidelines, upon the acceptance of the online group agreement by each of your participants:

In addition to these guidelines and agreements, the following recommendations will be of use to you:

  • Choose a secure platform to host your video call, and ensure each member activates their camera and microphone so that they are visible to every other group member

  • Ask participants to stay in one place and avoid moving their camera or playing with distracting backgrounds. Ask participants to mute their mics while they are not sharing

  • If using Zoom on a free account (with time limit), it will work best if you provide each member a link and password for that session's video (one week at a time). Conduct the weekly check-in for your first 40 mins, and ask everyone to watch the video separately on their own computer or device. A few mins after that, launch a second meeting to deal with any further discussion, or for any check-ins that were not completed at the beginning

  • At the conclusion, phone your co-facilitator for a debrief

For any advice or support with online groups, please do not hesitate to make contact via the support page. We are here to set you and your group up for success.

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