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Circuit Breaker Video Package

The Circuit Breaker Facilitator's Manual contains detailed Facilitator Notes, including Session Goals, how to conduct Group Feedback, tips on Using the Notes, and even Concluding the Session. For years, facilitators have been succesfully presenting group sessions "straight out of the book." Many of them will now find it even easier to focus on facilitating their groups, with our new video package carrying all of the teaching component of each session.

Links for all of the ten sessions are provided below. You can view or download session one without a password, but the remainder of the sessions will require you to enter the first two words of that session's Session Goals, found in the Facilitator Manual (eg. Session One's password would be "To create"). This is to ensure that sessions are delivered by facilitators in a Circuit Breaker group, and not in isolation. Please scroll down to see directions on how to facilitate your group using videos.

The Links

Session Five - "Letting Go" (Running Time - 44:18)

Session Six - "Opening Your Mind" (Running Time - 31:38)

Session Eight - "A Time to Talk" (Running Time - 37:46)

Session Nine - "Overcoming Jealousy" (Running Time - 28:28) poor audio 2nd half

Session Ten - "The New You" (Running Time - 33:45)

How to use the Video Package

When conducting a Circuit Breaker group without the videos, facilitators would be used to beginning with the group feedback session, and then proceding to the notes. When using the videos, it is recommended that groups begin with the video, whilst allowing participants to follow along in their participant's manuals. Participants should be encouraged to highlight or scribble notes to mark key passages which speak to them, challenge them, or which they wish to disagree with. Larger churches and community groups might like to watch the session together as a large group, and then break into their small groups.

Once in small groups, facilitators should begin with the group feedback sessions, and then open their manuals to discuss what the group has just seen on the video. Participants should be encouraged to share their thoughts on topics discussed, but be sure to try to include any set questions or exercises in the notes. You will find it helpful to continue to follow the detailed session goals, notes for the session, and tips for concluding each session.

The video package, presented by the author Matt Boulton, is designed to be flexible. It is just as at home on the big screen or on a tablet device with a small group gathered around in a library or Cafe meeting room. If you have any suggestions or seek any further permissions for the use of these videos, please don't hesitate to ask using the Product Support / Contact Us page. We're here to do everything we can to make your group a success.

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