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Matt is all about product support, so that you have everything you need to confidently present Circuit Breaker to your community. Whether you would like to kick-start your Circuit Breaker course with a speaking event, seminar or men's breakfast by Matt, or just have a question or two about the program, we would love to hear from you.

Domestic Violence Seminar, Solomon Islands

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A Facebook community dedicated to equipping an army of ordinary people with information and tools for change and domestic violence prevention. Click here to see the page.

Join the Australia and New Zealand Against Domestic Violence Facebook page, linking Australian advocates with our friends and contacts across the ditch.

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Video Package Now Available! - Completely Free

We're excited to announce that there is now a complete video set to accompany each of the ten sessions of the Circuit Breaker course. This provides churches and community groups with an alternative delivery option, so that leaders can focus all of their attention on facilitating their group, while the video handles ALL of the training component. Each session is available for streaming or downloading, allowing large gatherings to present on a projector screen or small groups to gather around a tablet device or even a mobile phone. Please take a moment to check out Session One - "Discretion and Your Anger." For details on how to access the full ten sessions at absolutely no cost, click here.

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