Circuit Breaker - Equipping Communities for Real D.V. Prevention

Matt is an author, domestic violence advocate and speaker based in Logan, Australia. He is probably best known for his work with the Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project. During his ten years with JCDVPP, Matt was responsible for producing the project's "Not In My Church" documentary; a sobering documentary film presenting real stories of domestic violence in churches, and educating clergy as to how to manage these more effectively. 
Over the past 15 years, Matt has also written and presented his own courses, Victory Over Violence and Finished With Fighting (both now superseded by Circuit Breaker). For 13 years, Matt was a counsellor specialising in domestic violence, anger and conflict managment with individuals and couples, and was the director of CityCARE Counselling Centres for 7 years. Currently he is the Community Development Coordinator for Hope Centre, based in Logan QLD.
As a speaker, Matt's approach is disarming, honest and insightful, since he has had to first overcome his own domestic violence issues early into his marriage and an ensuing separation. Today, 24 years on, Matt's greatest thrill is to see hurting or damaged people restored to the fullness which they were designed to enjoy and, to help resource churches and community groups to make a real difference. Matt is available for seminars, men's breakfasts and training events both in Australia and overseas (see Contact page).

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