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Domestic Violence
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Domestic violence destroys families, tears communities apart, causes profound life-long trauma, and costs the life of at least one Australian woman every week. Despite millions of dollars of funding each year, the majority of community responses amount to moving the problem around, as abusers go from one terrorising relationship to the next.

This national epidemic won't get better by magic, but only when we address the real cause of domestic violence - The abusers.

If change was going to come through shame campaigns or talk-fests, it would have done so by now. Real change will only come about when we engage abusers respectfully with the tools they need to transform their lives and relationships. 

You may not realise that Australia's DV epidemic is so out of control that it cannot now be left to a handful of domestic violence experts. It's critically important for community groups, churches and the not-for-profit sector to find innovative ways to step up and take leadership in the area of early prevention. 

The Circuit Breaker course has been designed to fill this gap in the secondary prevention space. It's about creating an opportunity for those who are passionate about bringing change in their community, but don't know how to go about it.

Circuit Breaker is a ten week group-based course which has been developed over 15 years of clinical practice and group therapy with abusers. It is designed for delivery by non-experts, with plain English work manuals and an engaging video package. Best of all, abusers continue to report that this course actually scratches where they are itching, and delivers new tools which really work for them.

Are you ready to be the solution?

What our participants say...

"I got more out of the first 30 mins of Circuit Breaker than out of the ten offender programs I had to do in jail."
(John - a former prisoner of 13 years)

"If I hadn't done this course, I actually don't know where I'd be right now."
(Simon - Gold Coast)

"... life-changing, eye-opening, family-growing and marriage enriching..."(Rachael - Springwood)

"I've started a few anger-management programs and offender programs, but usually end up going once and then throwing the book in the bin. With this course, I had to keep turning up, because each week it was talking about me!"
(Ray - an inmate of Borallon Correctional Centre)



It is with great pleasure that I provide this endorsement for both Ps Matt Boulton and the Circuit Breaker Course for the early prevention of domestic violence. Matt has delivered this program so far to 5 churches in the City of Logan with many more interested, and has trained others in the delivery of this highly effective course... Matt’s insightful & inspiring presentation of this information & program has resulted in the empowerment of individuals and churches to address the issue of domestic violence and provide positive responses and outcomes for our community.

(Former) Councillor Steve Swenson
Councillor for Division 3
Logan City Council

... I have never been so impressed by a course's material as I have with Circuit Breaker... for me the single most important factor is that there are no labels, whether victim, offender, witness to DV, no one is made to wear a label. People ...  are made to feel valued, someone with worth and dignity and as such this forms the starting point and building block from which the program springboards. This is a tremendous course that is scalable and flexible, so much so it can be run in McDonalds, a Church or a prison. I wholeheartedly support the program and believe it is not just a game changer but a life changer.!

Graham Hembrow
Prison Fellowship Australia-Queensland
State Manager

I have known Matt Boulton professionally for more than a decade and have been impressed with his past work in counselling with couples and individuals caught up in domestic and family violence. Matt has applied his vast learnings and experience in developing 'Circuit Breaker', an outstanding program to help our communities to respond to domestic and family violence in proactive ways rather than reactively. I recommend any civic leader and helping professionals to take a close look at this life changing program.

Peter Janetzki
Dip.T., Grad.Dip.Soc.SC., M.Soc.Sc. (Counselling). 
CCAA (Clin.), CCAA (Reg Supervisor), PACFA Reg. 21092, ARCAP Reg., MIACN.
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Educator & former host of Talking Life Talkback Program 96Five FM

It is a privilege to offer an endorsement of Matt Boulton for the work he is doing to combat and assist people affected by domestic violence (DV). Matt’s Circuit Breaker courses, along with his delivery through training and workshops offer skills for the ‘lay people helper’, skills that assist them to feel confident to broach the subject of DV. I believe Circuit Breaker offers a place of respect where perpetrators of DV can gain skills to manage and confront their issues that keep them stuck in the cycle of violence and reoffending. 

Susan Daniel
Mast Couns, Adv Dip Couns & Family Therapy
Regional Director of (A.I.F.C) Australian Institute of Family Counselling

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